Many studies have shown that girls who are involved in sports and other team activities have higher self-esteem,
more self- confidence, and are less likely to participate in risky behaviors (crime, drugs, etc).   Our team provides an
activity that will build self-confidence and self-esteem.  Our team teaches teamwork, respect for others (adults and
peers), along with responsibility for our actions.  We strive to appreciate each team member for who they are and
show them that they are valued as a team member and as a person.  Most kids of all ages are capable of performing
our style of marching with little difficulty.  Kids will learn to march in rhythm with the team and coordinate their arms
with their feet while the team maneuvers into formations.  We see improvement in our team members' physical
fitness and coordination as they learn the routines and drills. Core strength, balance, coordination, and self-discipline
all improve through participation in our activity


Our team offers an alternative payment structure for families by asking parents and team members to participate in
fundraising throughout the year.  In return team members are loaned a team uniform and most  activities are free to
team members.  Activities include, for example, Eagles State competition weekend, sleepovers, picnics, BBQ, and
end of year awards (including team pictures).  Our monthly fee is $20 and we work to fundraise an addtional $240
per team member per year.


Parent participation is required on some level.  You can lead a fundraiser,help with organizing events, help drive kids
to parades and events, or be a member of the parents board.  The biggest area of help is around fundraisers that
require adults only such a concession stands at major events.  Like any team activity, participation by the members in
practices and events is a big key to building a team so at a minimum we ask for parents to make attendance a
priority.  Our practices are closed to visitors (parents and family) so this is time that parents can spend running
errands, reading a book, catching up on paperwork, or just enjoying quiet time.  We currently have team members in
Bellevue, Redmond, Sammamish, and Bothell and CAR POOLING is usually available.


Jennifer, Heather, and Kelle

Jennifer Kelle and Heather lead the team with their endless passion for precision drill team.  While growing up they
were all members of Seattle area teams and have never forgotten the lifelong lessons that being part of a drill team
taught them. Sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, leadership, and dedication top the list of skills that help build
the foundation of their characters. Beyond the character building lessons, they will never forget the fun and
friendships they made along the way. They are all excited to share their wonderful experiences with girls in their
community and hope each member will gain new friendships and life skills along the way.
Eastside Precision Drill Team